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Introducing the functional mushroom supplements from Kampinos, Poland.

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Homegrown in Europe: Quality, Transparency, and Innovation

Our mushrooms are grown in EU with love and packed with transparency and innovation to deliver the purest, most effective supplements available. We take pride in our commitment to quality, ensuring our functional mushrooms are harvested from the EU to guarantee the highest standards. Our vision is to make health benefits accessible to all by offering natural, effective solutions for everyone. Together, let's make the world a healthier place, one mushroom at a time.


Highly recommend!

Super efficient sales service, great quality products. It is worth buying something that is produced with such great care and attention to the purity of the product, as if it were food. I pay a lot of attention to this. I am very impressed! I highly recommend it!


Monika A.

Ollywell? All is well!

I have been using Lion's Mane and Cordyceps for some time now. I have noticed an improvement in my immunity, but what has been the biggest surprise - my fitness has also improved! I would recommend Ollywell supplements to anyone who, like me, likes to stay fit. :)



What makes our products so special?


Faster bioavailability through state-of-the-art ultrasound extraction.


Grown & extracted in a microenvironment.


Standardized dosing through optimized extraction parameters


Crafted with passion in Warsaw. We grow most of mushrooms ourself.


Full control over the production process - from spores to pocket.


Our facility meets HACCP, GMP, GHP standards and requirements.

Unleashing the Power of Mushrooms for Healthier Future

At Ollywell, our mission is driven by our passion for mushrooms and the belief that everyone deserves to feel their best. As a team of dedicated scientists, we are committed to growing and producing exceptional functional mushroom and herbal products. We're here to bring back ancient wisdom and share the power of mushrooms with our community.

Meet the team

Our laboratory and supplement production was established in the Kampinos area. We do everything locally, that is, we grow, and extract our own mushrooms. It's as fresh as it can get!

Oliver Mathew, Founder of Ollywell

At Ollywell, I am responsible for mushroom cultivation from substrate preparation to harvesting and drying. As a microbiologist, I pay special attention to the hygiene of the entire process.

Klaudia Ostrowska, Microbiologist at Ollywell

I oversee the entire growth process of mushrooms at Ollywell, from the initial mycelium culture to the final product. This includes managing laboratory work, preparing the substrate, establishing optimal growth conditions, and monitoring the growth and harvesting stages while ensuring efficient planning and tracking.

Weronika Kucharewicz, Biotechnologist & Operations Manager, Co-founder of Ollywell


What is the duration of our pre-sale campaign?

Our pre-sale campaign will conclude upon the sale of 500 bottles of our products, and we cannot accurately predict when this milestone will be achieved. The campaign will continue until supplies are exhausted.

When can I expect to receive my products purchased during the pre-sale?

We will ensure that your products are dispatched no later than end of March, providing you with a firm timeline for delivery.

What is the recommended way of consuming our products?

To consume our products, take three pipettes under the tongue twice a day. It is recommended that you begin with a small dose and increase it if required.

What is the composition of your mushroom extracts?

Our drops are made from a water-alcohol extract derived from the dried fruiting bodies of vital mushrooms. We avoid using fillers, substrate, or mycelium to maintain high concentrations of active ingredients in our drops.

Are there any contraindications for the use of mushroom extracts?

The use of our extracts is not recommended during pregnancy, lactation, or for children. If you are taking any medication, please consult with your physician before using the extracts. The use of extracts with intoxicating substances is not advised, and it's important to discontinue use in case of any individual adverse reactions. Please refer to the product page for specific contraindications.

When will I start noticing the effects of using the drops?

You may start noticing the effects after the first use. For optimal results, we recommend using the drops continuously for 1-3 months, followed by a break of 1-4 weeks.

Can multiple mushroom extracts be used simultaneously?

Yes, our products can be combined as per your requirement.

How would you describe the taste of your liquid mushroom extracts?

Our liquid mushroom extracts have a slightly bitter and earthy taste, owing to the presence of triterpenoids and polysaccharides in the mushrooms. The taste may vary depending on the type of mushroom used in the extract, and some extracts may have a slightly sweet or nutty taste as well.

Are your products suitable for vegans?

Yes, our products are vegan-friendly as they do not contain any animal-derived ingredients.

When is the best time to use the product?

We recommend using the drops in the morning and evening or afternoon for optimal results.