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Reishi, the ancient mushroom of immortality, is a profound essence for serenity and longevity. Celebrated for its exceptional ability to promote calmness and support sleep, this extract is indispensable for those navigating the stress of modern life, seeking tranquillity in their daily routine, or desiring a natural aid for restful sleep. Moreover, Reishi has earned its reputation for its potential to bolster the immune system and foster overall well-being.

Ideal for individuals striving for inner peace, balancing their busy lives, or simply wishing to embrace a state of calm and contentment, our Reishi extract is your companion in cultivating a serene mind and a resilient body. Embark on a journey toward tranquillity and longevity with this ancient, nature-inspired gem.

Meet Your Serenity Shepherd: Reishi

Meet Your Serenity Shepherd: Reishi

Providing Soothing, Calming, and Restorative Sleep with Every Drop

Reishi guides you towards tranquillity, easing stress and setting the stage for restful sleep. Its unique compounds harmoniously balance your mind and body, which is invaluable for anyone seeking calm and peace.

The Serenity from Triterpenes and Polysaccharides

Like a shepherd leading their flock, these components navigate your body towards calmness. Triterpenes offer stress relief and balance, while polysaccharides bolster overall well-being and immune health.

Guiding to Sleep with GABA Regulation

Like a shepherd guiding the flock home at dusk, Reishi aids in regulating GABA levels, which are crucial for sleep induction and stress reduction. This ensures a smoother transition into restful sleep.

Soothing Harbor of Anti-Inflammatory Support

With its potent anti-inflammatory properties, Reishi acts as a serene harbour, providing shelter and calm amidst the storm of inflammation. It gently eases inflammation-related discomfort, ensuring a state of tranquillity throughout your day and into the night.

Other benefits of Reishi

Fortifying Liver Function

Reishi works like a meticulous caretaker for your liver, its triterpenes and polysaccharides acting to detoxify and protect. This ensures optimal liver function and supports the body’s natural purification processes.

Balancing Hormonal Health

Reishi is a harmonizing force for your hormonal system, helping balance levels and reduce stress-induced imbalances. It’s like having a wise guide ensuring every gland in your body communicates smoothly and effectively.

Supporting Cardiovascular Stability

Reishi plays a role akin to a vigilant guardian for your heart, with its compounds helping to regulate blood pressure and cholesterol levels. This contributes to cardiovascular health, ensuring your heart beats firmly and steadily.

10 000 mg only from the fruiting body

Each bottle contains 10,000 mg of coneflower extract (Reishi, Ganoderma Lucidum), so you get the most potent dose possible. Extract with a concentration of 10:1.

Our extract is produced exclusively from the fruiting body, carefully formulated to provide a high concentration of Reishi in a convenient 30ml bottle.

Ingredients: aqueous-alcoholic extract of the fruiting body of Reishi (Ganoderma Lucidum).

Grown and produced in Poland

We cultivate and harvest mushrooms in Kampinos, a town close to Warsaw. We do this with love and complete honesty to supply the cleanest and most potent supplements. We take great pride in our dedication to excellence and innovation.

What Sets Ollywell Products Apart?


Faster bioavailability through state-of-the-art ultrasound extraction.


Grown & extracted in a microenvironment.


Standardized dosing through optimized extraction parameters


Crafted with passion in Warsaw. We grow most of mushrooms ourself.


Full control over the production process - from spores to pocket.


Our facility meets HACCP, GMP, GHP standards and requirements.

Ultrasonic extraction

At Ollywell, we embrace nature's gifts using state-of-the-art ultrasonic extraction techniques. This lets us dive deep into the heart of mushrooms and harvest their health-boosting treasures while respecting their delicate nature.

Our method is super efficient and kind to the planet. Plus, it ensures we don't lose any precious compounds that can be sensitive to heat. The result? Top-notch mushroom products packed with all the goodness you need for your well-being.

Under the tongue or with a drink

The extract is extremely versatile and can be used in many ways. It can be taken sublingually by placing it under the tongue and swallowing or added to tea, coffee, smoothies or food for extra effect. We recommend a daily 1-2 ml (20-40 drops).

With a 24-month shelf life, you can enjoy the benefits of coneflower for years to come. To ensure the extract retains its potency, store it away from light, in dry conditions, at room temperature or lower.

Safe for consumption

Research conducted by J.S. Hamilton Poland Sp. z o.o. on behalf of Nutraway Sp. z o.o. - owner of the Ollywell private label. Samples of the extract from the mushroom Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi) in liquid form were tested. The test was carried out according to an accredited method and the results refer exclusively to the samples received. All results presented in the report are below the maximum contaminant levels laid down in Commission Regulation (EC) No 1881/2006 of 19 December 2006. This means that the extract of the Sophora coneflower mushroom in liquid form is safe for consumption.

Dietary supplements must not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Keep out of the reach of small children.


Questions about our Reishi extract

What is Reishi used for and how does it benefit our health?

Reishi, also known as Ganoderma lucidum (Yellow-rot fungus), is one of the most popular vitality mushrooms with several bioactive components that support our health and immunity. It has been considered the "mushroom of immortality" in Asian countries for thousands of years. In today's world where stress has become a part of everyday life, Reishi can provide relief by promoting healthy sleep and aiding adaptation to adverse conditions.

Reishi has several important properties, including:

1. Supporting overall health and immunity

2. Calming and soothing effects

3. Reduction of inflammation

4. Rich in micro- and macro-elements

These properties make Reishi an ideal choice for individuals looking to promote general wellness and reduce stress levels.

How do you cultivate Reishi mushrooms?

We cultivate Reishi mushrooms on a natural substrate that provides the necessary nutrients for healthy growth and optimal properties. Our mushrooms are grown under carefully controlled conditions, which are selected individually for each species. We hand-harvest the mature fruiting bodies when they are ripe.

Does the Reishi tincture contain alcohol?

Yes, our product contains alcohol.

Do you use both mushroom fruiting bodies and mycelium in your Reishi tincture?

Our product uses only fruiting bodies, without any fillers, substrates, or mycelium. We grow the mushrooms to produce our drops, ensuring the highest quality. Our mushrooms have not been transported over long distances from Asia, nor have they been stored or processed in questionable conditions.

Where can I find more information about your products?

For more answers, go to our general FAQ on the Homepage or contact us directly.